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John and Molly Sparrow

LOT 16: Remington

LOT 16: Remington

It doesn’t get much more DROOL WORTHY than Remington. Remi is a beautiful, correctly made, ROAN athletic half-draft gelding. Remi is like driving a Porchse with the stability and safety of a mini van. Remi has easy cues and will lope on either lead in big lofty circles or small circles that will make the most broke Quarter Horse jealous. Remi neck reins low and slow easily or will go into an English Bridle for a correct,forward and more upward direct rein. Remi has been around cattle and used to gather, sort, and pen back. Remi has been started over some cross country style jumps and would be a NATURAL in the Foxhunting or three-day Eventing field. There really isn’t any end to the versatility of Remi! Remi has a beautiful trot and a big and powerful walk out. Remi is great with dogs, logs, brush, water, bridges and ditches. Remi has all the ground manners a horse should have as well. He stands tied quietly, is good with his feet and is easy to saddle and bridle. Remi will stand quietly for mounting from the ground or sidepass up the mounting block, fence, or side of the trailer for easy mounting. He loads easily and will back out of the trailer or turn around according to your preference. Remi rides bareback in halter for easy fun and has started the basics of riding bridless. Remi completes haunch turns and slow spins or forehand turns. He side passes to either direction as well. Remi will do all the party tricks and will play with the tarp, ball, sled, and leaf blower as well. Remi is up to date on dental, vaccinations, chiropractic care, hoof care, and worming. Remi will also sell with our optional two day clinic at our home facility in Baxter Springs, Kansas in addition to a comprehensive manual on Remi’s cues, habits, and health information. Please call or text John:(208)310-5686 or Molly:(208)566-3050 for more information about Remi! We’ll see you this Fall in Heber City, “The Place for Good Horses.” 


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BARN NAME: Remington


GENDER: Gelding

COLOR: Bay Roan

BREED: Half Draft



HEIGHT (in hands):16.0

WEIGHT (in lbs): 1350

TEMPERAMENT 1-10 (1=bombproof / 10=handful): 2

SKILLS: Trails, Ranch work, Cattle Work, Western Performance, Bareback, Foxhunting, Eventing


CONSIGNOR: John and Molly Sparrow

LOCATION:Baxter Springs, Kansas

TELEPHONE: (208)566-3050






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