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LOT 51: Maverick

LOT 51: Maverick

Meet Maverick, the exceptional 7-year-old all-round Andalusian Pony that is truly a jack-of-all-trades! Maverick's diverse skills span from jumping and dressage to breakaway roping and working cattle, making it a rare and invaluable gem in the equine world. In the arena, Maverick is a standout performer. With grace and athleticism, he will turn heads in both jumping and dressage disciplines. This pony's impressive ability to tackle jumps and execute dressage movements is a testament to his talent and versatility. Even more impressive is that Maverick has been ridden by an 11-year-old girl, showcasing its gentle and reliable nature with young riders on basic jumping and dressage exercises.  But the surprises don't end there! This little gelding is no stranger to ranch work. His heart and determination are evident in breakaway roping and working cattle, where he proves his mettle as a force to be reckoned with. Maverick's quick reflexes and natural cow sense make it an ideal partner for rodeo enthusiasts.  Beyond its work ethic, Maverick has a playful and endearing side. Whether it's carrying the flag with pride, handling traps with finesse, or simply engaging in playful activities with a ball, this pony's joyful and spirited demeanor brings a smile to everyone's face.  Maverick is a true adventurer. His exposure to obstacle courses, roping pens, and extensive trail miles speaks volumes about its adaptability and courage. From traversing flat sagebrush-filled deserts to conquering rocky and steep mountains, this pony's sure-footedness and fearlessness make it a reliable and safe trail companion in any terrain. What sets Maverick apart is its exceptional heart and unwavering desire to please. His willingness to try new activities and form a strong bond with its rider make it a cherished and trustworthy partner.  If you're searching for an extraordinary all-round Andalusian Pony with a heart full of love and adventure, Maverick is the perfect match. Don't miss the opportunity to own such a versatile, affectionate, and skilled companion. Contact us today to meet Maverick and discover the joy of riding alongside this true treasure.  If you have any questions, please send us a text at Daniel's number: 801-376-4320.


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BARN NAME: Maverick


GENDER: Gelding


BREED: Andalusian Pony



HEIGHT (in hands):14

WEIGHT (in lbs): 900

TEMPERAMENT 1-10 (1=bombproof / 10=handful): 4

SKILLS: Jumping, Dressage, Tail, Ranch



LOCATION:Heber City Utah

TELEPHONE: 8013764320



SOCIAL MEDIA: @fsrhorses



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