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Dan and Becky Miller

#21X | BELLA

#21X | BELLA


Unfortunately, beyond anyone's control, BELLA isn't able to make it to the sale this year.  Be advised that bidding for BELLA won't be available.  Please feel free to contact the seller directly with any questions.

"Bella" is a beautiful blood bay mare in the prime of her life. The perfect size at 15 hands and will weigh 1250#. Very thick bodied with a keen head, sturdy bone, and dark footed all the way around. Everywhere we take her people are commenting on what a pretty mare she is! 

Bella has been used on a forest allotment for all basic ranch jobs and is one that we all look forward to riding when it is her turn to go. She is all business about her job and has an outstanding work ethic, she is NEVER sour or spoiled about having to put in a hard day of work. We have ridden her in the steep mountains of Idaho with thick down timber, brush, rock, and badger holes to navigate. She is sure footed and smart about how she picks her way through the rough country and goes anywhere you point her with complete confidence. Bella is very cowy and rightfully so given her pedigree. By an own son of Doc O Dynamite and out of a Badger Starlight mare. The Doc 

O Montana horses are well known in the rope horse industry. Bella has a full brother that is currently being hauled as a head horse in the PRCA and winning. It wouldn't take much to make that Bella's career as well.  

We are proud to offer such an exceptional mare for sale. Bella is the special kind that is gentle for an inexperienced rider even when she has had some time off. Yet she has plenty of athletic ability and is a lot of fun for an experienced rider as well! Outstanding trail riding horse as she steps out free and is safe and sane in all situations. Our 11 year old daughter has used her a lot this past summer and has loved her. Respectful to stand tied quietly, hobbles, great to bath, load, hauls well, gets along in a herd just fine, and catches with no fuss. Bella is simply a respectful, kind mare that is a pleasure to have around. 

Although we have been using Bella as a saddle horse, I also feel that she will be a very high caliber broodmare when the time comes. Therefore, we are selling Bella with a free breeding to our son of Metallic Cat. Frozen semen only and all vet expenses will be covered by the owner.  void if not used in the next 2 years. This should be an outstanding performance prospect with that kind of pedigree.  any questions please call or text Becky at 208-221-1090.  Stallion info can be found on our website at  "Metrona Cat"



  1. Registered Name:
    JM Miss Bella Bay
  2. Barn Name:
  3. Gender: 
  4. Location of the horse:

  5. Registration Status: AQHA

  6. Registration Number:
    AQHA #5742675
  7. Breed:  Qtr Horse
  8. Color:  
  9. Height in hands: 15

  10. Weight in LBS: 1250

  11. Year Born: 
    2015 Bay Mare
  12. Temperament (1 easy - 5 handful)

  13. Skills:  See description above


  1. Name: Becky Miller
  2. Business Name (if applicable):
    Three Bar Quarter Horses
  3. Address:

    City, State, Zip: 

  4. Email Address:
  5. Phone: 208-221-1090



If you are interested in viewing the veterinarian health exam report and/or X-rays for this horse, please contact the consignor directly or make a request by emailing us at  


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