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Kelly Horses

#16 | TIO

#16 | TIO


Tio is a fancy blue roan gelding, Tio has been used by everyone at the place. He has been ridden by first time riders. When the teenage boys have a date, they use Tio for the cute girls. He is the family favorite. Tio is excellent in the mountains as well, he will go where you point him, through the creek, over logs and rides great in down timber. He is a horse that anybody can ride and get along with and have fun riding him. He is a hassle-free horse. He has great confirmation; he has a huge hip, nice head and neck. He can be ridden once a day, once a week, once a year and he is the same horse every time. You can catch him where you find him, saddle him up and ride right off. Tio is a great family horse, kids to grandpa can ride him with no worries. Come look at Tio he is one in a million. Look for him in the Trail Competition. More Info 435-671-2444 or 435-671-9506


  1. Registered Name: Royal Bleu Ribbon

  2. Barn Name: Tio

  3. Gender: Gelding

  4. Location of the horse: Midway, Utah

  5. Registration Status: AQHA

  6. Registration Number:4959029

  7. Breed: Quarter Horse

  8. Color:  Blue Roan

  9. Height in hands: 15

  10. Weight in LBS: 1050

  11. Year Born: 2007

  12. Temperament (1 easy - 5 handful): 1

  13. Skills: Trail; Pleasure; all around Family horse


  1. Name: Kelly Horses
  2. Business Name (if applicable)

  3. Address: p.o. box 211
  4. City, State, Zip: Midway, Utah 84049

  5. Email Address:

  6. Phone: 435-671-2444



If you are interested in viewing the veterinarian health exam report and/or X-rays for this horse, please contact the consignor directly or make a request by emailing us at  


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