Our 2022 RIDE FOR A CAUSE is the BEAR HUG CATTLE COMPANY and we feel honored to be involved with such a wonderful organization.  All sales commissions from the 5 horses consigned by the Bear Hug Cattle Company will be donated back to the program.  Check out these great horses and in purchasing them you will also be supporting veterans and a very worthwhile cause.

#32 | DENVER #46 | GUNNER #52 | JC
 #64 | HOLLYWOOD #69 | FRANK


Bear Hug Cattle Company is a 501(c)3 non-profit that provides veterans with the resources and training to be successful in the ranching industry by offering transitioning service members a 10-week immersive course. As Veterans go through this 10-week program they spend 4 weeks doing fundamental horsemanship training, performing basic ranch tasks, and learning essential ranch economics in Bozeman, MT. After that, they spend 5 weeks getting on the job training at some of the most historic operational ranches in the west. At the end of 10 weeks, program graduates will have the ability to be hired on to any ranch in the west. This program is free of cost to all veterans.

Bear Hug Cattle Company is veteran owned and operated. The goal is to help veterans break into the ranching industry and facilitate joining a new team and community after their service. Culturally, ranching is very similar to the military. Veterans and ranchers alike are selfless, values driven, leadership focused, hardworking, outdoor oriented, and mission centered. Veterans are trained to get up early, work long hours in tough environments, and function as part of a small team. The only problem is that many service members typically lack the knowledge and resources to learn how to make this transitional leap.

Bear Hug Cattle Company is a transition assistance tool available to veterans to help give them the opportunity to learn these new skills and provide them the opportunity to "interview" in on-the-job training at ranches all over the U.S. We believe that the cowboy lifestyle and team environment will help excite soldier's integration into civilian life, and potentially save lives in the future through newfound passion and purpose.

Throughout the course of the summer, the veterans train and ride RMO horses. The veterans and the horses learn together how to cover big country, gather and sort cattle, brand, and doctor in all different scenarios across a myriad of ranches.

For any additional questions please reach out to Ben Minden - cell: 973-865-7168 email: ben@bearhugcattlecompany.org to discuss any of the specifics in more detail.