Important information

The deadline for consignors is August 15th.

While the deadline is August 15th, we highly recommend that you get all of your information and visual content submitted as soon as possible.  This allows us more time to fully advertise and promote your horse.

Consignor’s checklist:

  1. Complete the online consignment form & pay consignor’s fee.  CLICK HERE
  2. Get good & quality photos of your horse, both confirmation & action shots.  We only accept professional quality images.  Photography services can be arranged by request and at an additional cost.  Email us for more information.  
  3. Take video of your horse and post it to YouTube.  You can then upload the link to us via your consignment form (see #1 above).  Videography services can be arranged by request and at an additional cost.  Email us for more information.  
  4. Read, review, understand and agree to our Terms and Conditions.  Click here for the full terms and conditions.

Sales overlook

Additional Information

We have all been to horse sales all over and understand what type of horses will bring the best dollar. The Fall Round Up Horse Sale encourages consignors to aim for these qualities. We are looking for proven, gentle, 4 years and older geldings but will consider others upon approval. To avoid any ‘sifting’ after approval and to inspire our buyers with confidence we require Pre-purchase exams, including X-Rays upon consignment. 

Why we ask for a pre-purchase exam including X-Rays upon consignment:

Our team is striving for top quality and having spent many years in the market as a buyer and a seller we realize that soundness guarantees are worth a lot. Any buyer will stretch their purse for a horse knowing that the horse is healthy and sound. In other words; having a pre-purchase exam on hand will reduce a buyer’s risk.

It will also ease your stress and you’ll be able to promote with confidence a sound horse that is going to pass a pre purchase exam.  It will also save a lot of time and riding on a horse that isn’t going to make it through the sale for soundness

Requirements for the Pre Purchase Exam: 

Overall Assessment of horse, Flexion Tests and a set of X-RAYS. 

X-Rays required are for the FRONT FEET- lateral (level shot on block should be able to see P1, P2, P3) Navicular: 60 degree view and Skyline view. 

All guarantees to the soundness of the horse and that ridability of the horse is represented honestly is between consignor and buyer.  Fall Round Up Horse Sale, MM Auctions, Joe Loveridge, Codi or Colby Gines, any agents, employees or volunteers at the Sale will not be liable for any misrepresentation.

Reports and x-rays will be made available online.

Completed consignments are due by Aug 15th to keep your place in the sale. However, we do recommend getting them done earlier so we can promote your horses and use your images for marketing purposes. 

Horses will be required to be seen by our vet on Oct 14th at check in.  He will give them a look over, trot them on gravel and make an assessment. If a horse needs to be pulled from the Sale, consignor will forfeit the consignors fee.  Random blood will be pulled  for the integrity of the Sale. Health and Coggins Required for all horses along with a brand inspection upon check in.  

The sale will take place at the Wasatch Event Center. We are currently working hard to create an outside mountain trail course where you can show off your horse in a real live environment. We will let you know what to expect of the trail course once this is determined. Streaming of the Sale will be done live, online bidding will be available, along with limited phone bidding. We are aiming to record  and replay the trail course to allow people the opportunity to watch if unable to come to the sale. We will also have an open preview the morning of the sale to show them off one more time in an arena setting. Cattle will be onsite to show horses on.   

The numbers

Additional Information


  • Consignment Fee-  375.00 this price includes stall fees and one bag of shavings. After the Sale beginning Saturday night,  buyers will be responsible for stalls.  Please clean your stalls out before leaving.  If you have a “no sale” and leave the horse overnight it’ll be 30.00 per night beginning Oct 16th.   20.00 cleaning fee on Stalls unless they are cleaned out by consignor on the 16th.  PLEASE CONSIGN EARLY! 


  • Sales Commission- will be 8% of the Sale Price


  • No Sales- 300.00


  • Extra Nights- If you would like extra shavings the cost is 15.00 per bag, the Event Center will not allow you to bring your own.  Extra Stalls Nights if you want to come in early or stay later with horses the cost is 30 per night but all horses need to be gone by end of the day  Oct 17th.


  • Poker Ride- 25.00 for one hand or 20.00 for multiple hands, you can play up to 4 hands.  Fun way to get out on your horse, let others see them and maybe win a saddle or other prizes


  • Preview Dinner and Music– No charge to consignors


  • Additional advertising-  We can help promote your horses further than how we promote the sale if you are interested.  100.00 and we will boost ads in Facebook and Instagram for you.   This can be done yourself and it is encouraged to help get your horse out there for people to see.